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Infection Treatment for Men, Women and Children

The removal of infectious germs from the body is of prime importance in obtaining or regaining good health.


In order to eradicate hidden infections, particularly fungal infections such as candida, systemic candida, invasive candidiasis, yeast infections, toenail fungus, athletes foot, we need to produce an environment in the body which causes the germs to die. 


This involves two main areas of concern. 

1. Antiseptics 

Kill off the infection.  Supplement your diet with foods and herbs with antiseptic properties to kill the infectious germs.  

2. Intestinal Flora (Probiotics) 

Strengthen your immune system.  Supplement your intestinal tract with healthy flora to eat-up infectious germs and increase your natural antibody production.  Your body's ability to kill off unhealthy germs, when encountered, is referred to as your immune system.  

Less important supplements to consider are:

3. Digestive Enzymes

Digest your food thoroughly to prevent infectious germs from living on undigested food particles in the bloodstream.  Supplement your diet with digestive enzymes to better digest your food. 

4. Fiber 

Supplement your diet with fiber to aid in sweeping out dead germs and toxins.  


Fungal infections cannot be cleared up by antibiotics.  In fact, antibiotics cause fungal infections. 


Put your health in your hands, not a medical doctors hands.  An infection free body will naturally seek superior health and well being.  An infection free body will also seek its perfect weight through better digestion and elimination. 

1. Antiseptics 

Sunflower Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds








Juniper Berries






Red Raspberry



Specialized Products

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Nasal Spray Nutribiotic
Throat Spray

2. Intestinal Flora 

Yogurt (sugar-free)



Specialized Products

Longest Living Acidophilus Plus


3.  Digestive Enzymes

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Limit cooked foods. 

Cooking destroys enzymes.


Specialized Products


 4.  Fiber 

Whole grains

Raw fruits and vegetables


Specialized Products



I have found through my thirty years of personal experience that mucus is directly related to candida overgrowth.  

I am referring to the thick, rubberized type mucus that accumulates around our joints, muscles and organs.  


Candida tends to "TRAP" mucus.  It is hard to rid the body of mucus, when candida is living in the mucus.  Your body needs a certain amount of mucus and your body makes mucus on a continual basis.  Your body is also supposed to eliminate mucus on a continual basis.  If your nose is not running or if you don't have any accumulation of mucus in your nostrils in the morning, then the waste filled mucus in your body IS NOT being eliminated from your body.  Therefore, it is accumulating in your body.  Mucus is a breeding ground for infection of any kind.   

Waste such as germs, viruses, fungus, heavy metals, carcinogens, pollution, etc. accumulate in mucus.  Mucus traps waste so that it can be carried out of the body.   As much as I hate to use man-made drugs, I have found that using a "mucus relief" type drug.  (Guaifenesin 400 Mg - Expectorant and Phenylephrine Hcl 10 Mg - Nasal Decongestant).  Adding Betaine HCL helps to melt the mucus away.  Remember, the mucus is "dry" and "rubberized".   Enzymes also help soften the mucus so it can be eliminated from the body.


Another key ridding the body of candida is to include antiseptic type foods or herbs AND beneficial flora in your diet.  

The antiseptics will continue to travel throughout the body and keep candida in check, provided there in not too much mucus.  Blood vessels do not travel through globs of mucus.  The beneficial flora will keep the digestive tract healthy and able to kill off unfriendly organisms (germs), candida, etc.   This will keep the immune system strong.

Once a person is healthy and the tissues and bones are free from organisms and a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria vs. candida is established in the digestive tract, they should only take strong antiseptic herbs or herbal antiseptic formulas occasionally.  We normally recommend 2 to 4 times a year for a month long period each time.  This is to insure an overgrowth of unfriendly organisms has not occurred in the tissues and bones somewhere in the body.  As long as beneficial flora is ingested on a regular basis, a candida overgrowth should not occur in the digestive tract. 

Good digestion and bowel health is also extremely important. If constipation or loose bowels is a problem, it should be corrected. 





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